Yume Nikki Dream Diary Lags and Freezes

Yume Nikki Dream Diary for a long time was one of the most anticipated game releases of the year but didn’t manage to live up to the expectations of the fans.

It is full of bugs and glitches as well as contains some serious lag and freezing issues that have led to rather negative reviews on the Steam store. Since there are a variety of issues that cause the game to slow down or freeze, here are some steps you can follow to bring about a degree of improvement in the game.

Fix the Lags and Freezes in Yume Nikki Dream Diary

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Install DirectX 9.0c

Many users have reported that the game either doesn’t start at all or crashes once they start playing it. If you’re experiencing trouble running the game or if the game crashes when you’ve just barely started playing it, then your system might not have DirectX 9.0c. Users have reported that installing DirectX 9.0c did help fix any game crash issues. You can download DirectX 9.0c from here.


Game Feels Laggy & Unresponsive

Even though Yume Nikki Dream Diary doesn’t seem as demanding as other AAA titles, in reality it does still require a lot of processing power and a reasonably powerful graphics card. Many users have reported that even though their computer systems do meet the minimum requirements of the game, it still causes lags, freezes and stutters which means you’ll have to fix the issues using the Nvidia 3D Control Panel.

Open up the Nvidia Control Panel and click the Manage 3D Settings option, Now click on Program Settings and finally add or select the Yume Nikki Dream Diary exe file to manually change the game options.

Also, you’ll need to turn off or disable Vsync, anti-aliasing, and anisotropic filtering which will make the game look less appealing but will also boost performance considerably. Additionally, running Yume Nikki Dream Diary in admin mode also helps avoid bugs and glitches while boosting game performance.


Raise Priority & Disable Antivirus

Yume Nikki Dream Diary is one of these kind of games that actually benefit you greatly when you play with the antivirus turned off. Many people have reported that running this game after disabling the antivirus resulted in a considerable boost in performance. You can also try to raise the game priority to real-time via the Task Manager. Users have reported that doing so does reduce lag and does away from freezing.


Install Latest Patches

If you haven’t updated your game yet then you’re missing out on multiple performance and optimization patches. The developers behind Yume Nikki Dream Diary have released multiple optimization and performance boosting packages which have made the game much more playable and lag free then it was earlier. So don’t forget to update the game and see if that helps.