Windows Media Player Songs Renaming Made Easy

WMP offers several buttons that organize your music, create playlists, transform music CDs into files, and turn music files back into music CDs.

And it doesn’t stop here. Windows lets you rename WMP songs at any time. You may want to do this to give the song a better, more descriptive name, or you may have any number of reasons to give an album a new name. To rename your songs in Windows Media Player, follow the instructions given in this article. For an automatic way to rename Windows Media Player songs, download Easy File Renamer (EFR) software. EFR comes with a free duplicate file finder and has 9+ renaming rules. You can review the rules prior to renaming songs. Give EFR a try:

Rename Windows Media Player Songs

EFR is downloaded from safe, official website


Try to Find Album Info

If WMP can’t find the songs’ titles, try Find Album Info. It happens sometimes that WMP fails, just right-click the track and choose Find Album Info. This feature is so simple. All you’ve to do is to choose the correct album from the available selection and you’re off and running. But this tool has one issue: It works on a track-by-track basis, even when you select the entire album – and that’s not automated enough. But don’t take this as a hard-nosed objectivity; this feature is helpful if you’ve lost original meta information of any song. Here’s how it can help:

  1. Open WMP.
  2. Click any album in the Playlists. It lists out their contents.
  3. Right-click on any song and select Find Album Info.
  4. Search the song’s name.
  5. Found it? Good. Click Next.
  6. Here WMP gathers all info of the song you selected and displays them. Double check the info provided.
  7. Is the info correct? If it isn’t click Edit and make appropriate changes.
  8. All done. Click Finish.


Use Inbuilt Editor

Aren’t you seeing the playlist hugging WMP‘s right edge if you use the Find Album Info? Click the Playlist tab near the top-right corner. WMP has an inbuilt editor. That’s where you can rename the playlist or a song. To rename the playlist, click the playlist’s name and choose Rename Song from the menu. Here’s how:

  1. Launch WMP.
  2. Find the Playlists. Open any of the playlists to view the songs in it.
  3. Click any song. Select Edit.
  4. Here you go! Now edit the information.