Titanfall for PC Keeps Crashing and Lagging

Titanfall is a first-person shooter game developed by world-renowned developer Electronics Arts, and was released across multiple platforms in 2014.

Even though it has garnered favorable reviews from critics, it does get bogged down by the oft-appearing crash and lag issue. These issues mean that the player can’t enjoy the game to the fullest extent and must find a way out to bypass those issues. Here we’ve come up with a few helpful tips that can help you get around these notorious problems.


Game Optimization

This is the answer game buffs have to any nagging issues which seriously affect gameplay and kill the fun. Just download and install ST Cleaner, and let it do the trick.

Fix lags and crashes in Titanfall

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Titanfall 30 FPS Lock

One of the most notorious issues related to Titanfall is that it comes locked with the FPS at 30 for NVidia GPU users. For console gamers, this might not seem like a big deal but PC gamers that are used to at least 60 FPS can tell the difference. This issue mostly happens with the VSync switched on. To remove the 30 FPS limit, you’ll need to turn on the adaptive VSync in NVIDIA Control Panel.


Titanfall Game Lags During Movement

If you’re experiencing stutters or lags during Titanfall gameplay you need to make sure your PC matches the minimum specs required. If your PC does meet these requirements, you also must make sure the settings are optimized to run Titanfall properly. Try disabling VSync to improve the game’s rendering speed and defragment the hard disk for smoother textures in the game.

If you are facing optimization issues you can try turning down shadows along with MSAA and adjust other graphics settings. Keep in mind, updated graphics card drivers are mandatory to ensure smooth gameplay.


Screen Flickering & Stuttering

Screen flickering and stuttering between frames has been reported by many players that were using SLI configurations. If you’re experiencing issues with frame pacing and screen flickering disable CrossFire or SLI configurations and run the game on a single GPU. Additionally, if you’re using any recording software like Fraps, D3DGear, MSI Afterburner etc, then disable them before you launch the game to ensure a smooth gaming experience.



If this error destroys all the fun in Titanfall, there is a dire need to update DirectX drivers, as this error is mostly traced to bad commands sent by the application. Download and install the latest DirectX drivers to make sure Titanfall runs smoothly on your computer system.


Stuttering When Playing Online

If you’re experiencing stutters while you’re attempting to play Titanfall online then you must check the Internet Latency. If the Latency is too high then the issue definitely lies with the Internet’s speed. Titanfall online stutters, in most cases, are caused by High Latency due to slow Internet speed. You can also reduce online stuttering by closing all background processes that are using Internet bandwidth.


Titanfall Crash Fix & Black Screen Fixes

If you experience a black screen upon launching the game or Titanfall simply crashes abruptly during gameplay then you need to disable CrossFire or SLI. Lowering the resolution and running the game in Windowed mode also removes the black screen issue. During gameplay, if Titanfall exceeds memory usage the game will crash. Thus you must lower Graphics settings based on your computer’s specs to avoid this issue in the future.