Sea of Thieves: Lags and Freezes

Released this March (2018), Sea of Thieves is an action – adventure game in which you play as a pirate and sail the vast seas. One can play the game solo or in a co-op mode in which case up to four people can be a part of the crew and hunt together. Mainly, it is the combats that take place in this game and the perspective of the game is first-person. The smart feature of the game is it being cross-platform. Players can play this game on Windows as well as Xbox One.

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Issues Faced During Gameplay

Sea of Thieves has certainly had a fair share of criticism due to the large number of complaints of bugs such as lags, freezes and many more. It is imperative to mention that this game has way more issues documented than the average number of issues a game faces. One such example of highly frequent complains is that of lags. Players of Xbox One have been particularly hit very hard by the high number of lags that affect the game at various different stages. When fighting against skulls and other players, lags render the game almost completely unplayable. Be it the single player mode or the multiplayer, the lag is immense. And there seems to be no good news at all as the lags have been reported to have increased ever since the latest patch was rolled out. This patch was basically made to add open/ closed crews.

Stuttering occurs when the protagonist is moving, interacting with items in the barrel, while jumping is also terrible. This is making any prospective buyers think twice before going for Sea of Thieves. Frame rates have also been reported to have dropped in such a manner that a single input from the controller resulted in one step ahead and strangely, two steps behind.

These issues are bound to have serious repercussions for the reputation of the developers, who are in a really tight fix as things stand. Even worse is the fact that the server is also non-supportive often times. It might be helpful if people could play offline, as this could solve the server issues.

Around five months ago, the update that was released did resolve the lag issue to some extent. However a few more updates were brought out since then, and things are back to worse as of now as far as lags are concerned.

FPS drops have also made this game unplayable as it’s almost impossible to move in a straight line. Since the release of the beta version of this game, drops in FPS, as well as input delay, have been common to many, but it only became a big concern once the development was completed and the full release was made available.


Solutions to Lags and Freezes

Officially, there has not been much from the developers of Sea of Thieves when it comes to actually providing a solution to these issues. However, one hopeful bit is a tweet from the official account of Sea of Thieves, which tells us that they are continuously working on improvements and are aware of the problems being faced by players. They will ensure the optimization of the game and they want us to be a bit more patient.

When it comes to unofficial but effective solutions (at least in this case), we are here to help, just as we always do. The following are some steps you can take in order to ensure maximum capability of your system is being utilized.

  1. Open up the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together.
  2. Under the Processes tab, look for any applications that you don’t require. Right-click such applications one by one and select End task to quit them.
  3. Turn on the Battery power options to High. Click the battery icon on the right-most corner of the taskbar and drag the bar to Best performance.
  4. Right-click the .exe file of the game and select Run as administrator whenever you want to play Sea of Thieves.
  5. You should ensure that the Graphics driver is up-to-date as it can make a sea of difference.
  6. Disable the Windows Defender Firewall.