Why Windows 8 Suddenly Runs Slow?

If there is corruption in Windows 8 Registry, browser and system junk is abundant and never cleaned, Registry has never been defragged, Windows 8 services are not optimized, it is high chance you may get slower speed from your machine. It is wise to speed up your system through a holistic PC Optimization software utility.

Effects of PC Running Slow

The biggest effect is your productivity loss. Your system may also not able to play videos, resource-intensive programs and games.

Optimization Difficulty - Easy

Windows 8 slow speed can be fixed easily. Either follow the instructions given below or run scan (recommended) with the Intel Software Partner Reginout from the link given below.

Windows 8 Running Slow, Learn How to Run it Real Fast

Windows 8 has improved speed in various features and services but you need to know how to take control over new release and run it real fast if it has suddenly started running slow. Remember this slow speed may be due to a little errors inside the Operating System and you can easily fix these issues with the troubleshooting instructions given below.

This article is step by step guide for optimal performance of Windows 8.

How to Speed Up Windows 8?

  • Disable Startup Apps
  • Manage Background running Services
  • Turn Off Lock Screen
  • Create Custom Refresh Point
  • Bypass Smart Screen
  • Adjust System for Best Performance
  • Don’t Use Ready-Boost
  • Turn ON Fast Startup
  • Optimize Disk Volumes
  • Use Windows 8 Optimization Tool

Disable Startup Apps

You can speed up slow running Windows 8 by disabling startup apps that start with the boot. Windows 8 has built-in tool to disable those startup apps. Follow the procedure given below to disable unwanted startup apps.

  • Press Windows + R to enter into RUN
  • Type “MSCONFIG” and press Enter

  • It would take you to Microsoft Configuration Utility.
  • Click on Startup
  • Disable unwanted Startup apps

  • Task Manager

Manage Background Running Services

To speed up slow running Windows 8, you need to work around third party background running services. You need to disable some services, but be careful because disabling some important service can stop certain features. Managing background running services is similar as you stopped Startup apps. Here are steps to manage background running services.

  • Press Windows + R to enter into RUN
  • Type “MSCONFIG” and press Enter
  • Click on Services
  • Uncheck unwanted services.

Turn Off Lock Screen

Windows 8 lock screen that is embedded with app notifications and a photo and it is useful for tablets but desktop users really don't like Lock Screen. Disabling lock screen won't exactly speed up Windows 8 to lengths but it would eliminate a step while starting up system. Follow the instructions given below to Turn Off lock screen.

  • Open Local Policy Editor (Press Windows +R)
  • Type "gpedit.msc" | OK
  • Select Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Control Panel | Personalization
  • Double-click on "Do not display lock screen"

  • Turn Off Lock Screen

  • Double click on "Do not display lock screen" | Enable
  • OK

Create Custom Refresh Point

Creating custom refresh point would speed up Windows 8 by deleting non-Windows store apps. Custom refresh point would keep your files. To create custom refresh point in Windows 8, follow the steps given below.

  • Open search by pressing Windows + F
  • Type "CMD"
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and Run as Administrator.

  • Apps

  • Type “RECIMG/CREATEIMAGE [path]. For instance if you wanted to create custom refresh point under folder of Reginout. Your path would be C:\Reginout\customeRefreshPoint.
  • Wait for a while until it creates WIM.
  • To use it as default Refresh point type following command in Command Prompt RECIMG/SETCURRENT[path]

Bypass Smart Screen

Windows 8 has added new feature called Smart Screen for unsafe programs. This program prevents you to install anything that it feels can harm your system. Here are steps to bypass Smart Screen.

  • Click on More info in launcher.
  • Click on Run Anyway
  • Enter correct user name and password if UAC is enabled.
  • Program would get installed smoothly.

Adjust System for Best Performance

You can speed up slow running Windows 8 by disabling unwanted visual effects. Follow the steps given below to set system for best performance.

  • Right-click on Computer
  • Select Property | Click on Advanced System Property
  • Go to Performance Settings
  • Click on Adjust for Best Performance.

  • performance options

Don’t Use Ready-Boost

Allow more memory to speed up performance of Windows 8. Some memory is allocated for pen drive by default; you can use that memory by applying following steps.

  • Right-click on Flash-Driver/ Pen Drive
  • Select Property | Click on ReadyBoost tab
  • Select Do not use this device.

  • Pen Drive

Turn ON Fast Startup

In power options there would be an option to Turn ON Fast Startup. Turning ON fast startup would improve load time of Windows 8. Follow the steps given below to Turn ON fast Startup.

  • Go to Windows 8 control panel
  • Click on Power Options
  • Select Choose what the power button does.

  • Control Panel

  • Check Turn On Fast Startup

  • ShutDown Setting

Optimize Disk Volumes

Windows 8 has upgraded Disk Defragmenter to Optimize Drivers. Turn ON weekly optimization for all volumes. Follow the steps given below to optimize Disk Volumes.

  • Open Charms bar
  • Search for Optimize Drivers
  • Click on Defragment and optimize your drivers
  • By default, Windows 8 optimizes disk drives weekly but you can manually adjust settings according to requirement.

  • Drive optimizer

  • Click on Change Settings to manually adjust scheduled optimization.

Use Windows 8 Optimization Tool

Some system utilities have upgraded their engines to make their tools compatible with Windows 8. One such product is RegInOut system utility software.


On a Windows 7 (6.1.7601) 32-bit system, Microsoft Word 2010 experienced astounding 55% increase in startup load time after using Reginout in the test we ran. *

speed gain

Transcoding and Video playback experienced more than 100% speed gains when using Reginout.*