SpeedUpMyPC 2013 Review

SpeedUpMyPC 2013 is a unique product to improve computer performance. It converts an average computer in a fast-performance machine. Simultaneously it fixes performance related issues such as computer lags, freezes, slower startups and shutdowns, slow loading of applications and so on.

Following are outlined the three most important features that SpeedUpMyPC 2013 offers:

1. Windows Registry Errors

Windows Registry is a vital part of Windows Operating System. Almost each and every application/game uses Registry to store and retrieve information. The information can be in the form of Registry key, string or value. It may include system configurations, system settings, user preferences, file references, ActiveX, COM & Shared DLLs data, setup information, file association information and so on. There are more than thousands of Registry keys in your computer. These all together constitute Windows Registry.

Registry is very complex. Over a period of time Registry becomes congested. Empty Registry keys are left in the Registry after programs are uninstalled; some wrong information is filled in Registry which results in performance and stability issues. More the Registry is congested, greater are chances of runtime errors and system problems. Blue Screen of Death, random reboots, application crashes are the most common examples.

SpeedUpMyPC 2013 scans and deletes erroneous Registry entries. It deletes empty Registry entries left by uninstallers, converts invalid references into valid file paths and corrects wrong data. This process usually takes around 4 to 5 minutes depending on the Registry size, number of programs installed and so on.

The program shows result in three columns. In the first column you see a list of important Registry objects (such as system configuration, ActiveX, COM & Shared DLLs, etc.). In the second column total number of errors detected within concerning Registry object is displayed. In the third column, priority level is displayed in the form of minor, moderate and high. If you click the Detailed View link at the bottom left side of the screen, it will show you all Registry errors in very detailed format. If you’re a computer technician or want to know what exactly the problem source was, this information is important. These all errors constitute a final recommendation in the results screen. Fix All button is displayed so that you can carry the Registry repair procedure.

The process takes a minute or two and avoids irrecoverable damage of your system.

For your computer safety, a restore-point is created before making any change to the Registry. Under Manage tab, you’re given option to add specific Registry entries to the Registry Ignore List. Any Registry entry added to this list will not be scanned/ modified. For your record the program automatically maintains a Registry repair log.

In short, SpeedUpMyPC 2013 is a good Registry diagnostic program. Since the Registry is an extremely significant area of your computer, unlike other programs it ensures all Registry data is backed-up.

2. Active Speed Tools:

Active Speed Tools constitute following four tools:

A) CPU Manager:

Usually a computer has more than dozens of hidden processes which are performed in background mode. Some are important while others are not important for the ultimate user. The processes can be error reporting processes, software updating processes, licensing processes, synchronization processes, backup processes and so on.

The main reason behind a slow computer is that some particular processes monopolize CPU resources. In other words, it is seen that some particular processes lead to higher CPU usages.

CPU Manager is a small feature that ensures no single process monopolizes CPU resources. It thus optimizes computer performance to a great extent.

B) Software Launch Booster:

For getting most out of your computer it is important to have fast loading applications. An application program loads quick when its resources (setting files, DLLs and so on) are accelerated. Over a period of time you experience slow loading of application programs.

Software Launcher Booster feature is introduced to accelerate software start-ups by boosting allocated resources.

C) Proactive Thumbnail Generator:

The Proactive Thumbnail Generator is a feature that saves thumbnail data to disk for faster access. This improves file navigation speed in Windows Explorer.

D) Start Menu Software Accelerator:

Generally the program entries located in the Start Menu takes more time to load. SpeedUpMyPC 2013 has come with a solution. It includes Start Menu Software Accelerator, a small feature that improves Start Menu software launching performance.

3. Registry Defrag:

More the application programs are used; larger will be the Registry fragmentation. Fragmentation in the Registry causes delay in retrieving-saving Registry information. It slows down your computer, decreases the OS health and causes games to freeze.

Registry Defrag is a major feature. It firstly analyses the area of Registry fragmentation. Once the defragmentation process is confirmed, it begins defragmentation and optimization of Registry.

We may conclude SpeedUpMyPC 2013 is very useful when it comes to system optimization and OS maintenance. It offers several tools and features, all under single roof without additional cost. Alongside user has been given freedom to customize the way program works. The program ensures computer safety by backing important portions of your Registry.

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