Review of Syncmate and Download Info

Syncmate is a software application. It lets you backup your data and sync it with computer and other devices. This software has powerful and user friendly interface to navigate around.

Following are it’s unique features:

Unique Features:

Syncmate has the power to sync your data with PC, Mac, Smartphones and other removable devices. If you have a network connection, you can easily sync with other Mac devices. It is powered to simplify collaboration of inter-projects between multiple users.

Users can use removable memory to sync computers if they are not connected on a single network. Sync process is made very simpler. What you have to do is simply plug-in your device and a prompt will automatically appear on your screen. Once the device is recognized, select the files, photos, documents that you would like to backup. Not only mere backup but also live changes in files is also possible. You may add/ remove existing contacts/ documents, rename files, if required. After you make the changes and plug back the device, the update process starts automatically.

Another great feature is SMS data sync between Windows and Mac. Well, this feature requires you to have iStorage or WebDav. Most any other devices do not generally support.

Syncmate is designed to provide powerful set of features.Its future editions are expected to integrate users with the social media websites. For the time being, it cannot archive changes, file verification, instant syncing and streaming media from one source to another. Be ready to get all these features in the new upcoming versions.

How does Syncmate BackUp Works?

Syncmate allows you to sync storage devices such as DVDs, CDs and USB. Just click on the device you would like to sync. If you want to add another connection, there is option available to do so. The software guides you the sync procedure. Synchronization with Gmail account is also possible.

To know whether your cell phone supports this feature, please visit the cellphone manufacturer website.

A User Friendly Appearance

Syncmate has a nice user friendly interface. It has impressive set of features. When you attach an external device, the Sync wizard appears. Follow the quick and easy steps to complete the procedure.

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  • Compatibility:Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000 32Bit & 64Bit OS Systems
  • Support: Yes
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