Repair Error Code 8003 in Mac

Mac users receive Error Code 8003 when they try to empty the Trash. This folder doesn’t empty. It refuses to delete its contents. If you’re experiencing the same problem, we’re here to help you.

  • Start Mac in the Safe Mode
  • Execute Given Command with the Terminal
  • Hold down “Option Key” while selecting Empty Trash Option
  • Use the Shortcut Keys
  • Check File Security Issues

Start Mac in the Safe Mode

To begin with start Mac in the Safe Mode. It is a diagnostic mode which prevents third party programs/ processes which lead Error Code 8003.

  • Shutdown the Mac.
  • Press the Power button of your CPU.
  • You may hear a startup tone (beep).
  • Hold the Shift key.
  • After the Apple logo appears on your screen please release the Shift key. (The Apple logo looks like a spinning gear. It is a gray color icon with a progress bar.)
  • In the new screen, select the “Safe Boot” option and press ENTER.
  • Mac will start in the Safe Mode.
  • Empty the Trash to fix Mac Error Code -8003.

Execute Given Command with Terminal

The Terminal program is used to execute several commands in Mac OS. It is similar to Command Prompt in the Microsoft Windows. Execute the following command to fix Error Code 8003:

  • Click Mac button.
  • Click Applications | Utilities | Terminal.
  • Copy/ Paste the following command: "sudo rm -rf"
    Important: Please recognize a space given at the end –rt .
  • Drag the files in the Trash folder to the Terminal Window.
  • Press the Key of your keyboard.

Hold down “Option Key” while selecting Empty Trash Option

When you select the Empty Trash option, please hold down the “Option” key of your keyboard. Both the things should be performed simultaneously in order to fix Mac Error Code -8003.

Use the Shortcut Keys

  • Open the Trash folder.
  • Press Command + Option + Right Arrow.
  • Press Command + A.
  • Again press Command + Option + Right Arrow.
  • Right click on some empty space, select “Empty Trash” option.

Check File Security Issues

The file security issues could prevent emptying the Trash folder. Deal with the file security issues as shown below:

  • Open the Trash folder.
  • Right click a file.
  • Click the File menu, select “Get Info”.
  • In the File Info dialog click the “Sharing and Permissions” heading.
  • Enable Read/ Write Permissions. This will fix Mac Error Code -8003.

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