Lock My PC - Why Should You Encrypt PC Data

Data theft is on the rise worldwide. Antivirus keeps your PC safe from hackers and malware. When it comes to data theft and physical access to your computer, it fails to protect the sensitive information. It cannot stop someone (thief) from accessing your private and confidential information. Anyone who has physical access to your PC- a thief, stranger or guest– can easily access your information.

It is not a job of your antivirus software to protect confidential data and information. It is specifically made to protect the Operating System (OS) against hackers/ malware. Data security is a completely different thing. This necessitates the need of PC Lock/Encryption software.

A PC encryption software is a specifically designed to protect confidential information, avoid physical access to thief/ stranger/ guest. It is as significant as your antivirus software. Combination of both these software helps you deal with uncertain situations.

Laplink PC Lock is a unique product that comes with numerous features. The primary feature of PC Lock software is to disable unauthorized access to thief/ stranger/ guest. Assign a password for your computer which is mandatory at the startup.

It’s worth interesting to know the difference between Laplink PC Lock and Windows Security feature. Both provide password protection for your PC/ laptop. However Laplink PC Lock provides an additional feature- it lets you define rules for failed attempts. You may define after how many failed attempts the thief will be warned, after how many failed attempts local access to your computer will be disabled. These features are important to deal with uncertain situations. If your PC/ laptop is stolen you can simply log-in to the Laplink Web Portal and disable local access, delete confidential files and change the password. Obviously Windows Security Protection does not provide any of these features.

If we conclude in short, Windows Security Protection is basic, outdated and bit risky. On the other hand, Laplink PC Lock is an advanced professional PC protection software. Windows Security Protection has several loopholes. It has certain limitations too. For example once a thief discovers your password it is impossible to disable local access. On the other hand, Laplink Web Portal lets you disable local access at any time to avoid regretful events.

The secondary feature of Laplink PC Lock is Data Encryption. Your documents and sensitive information is encrypted with Military Grade 256 Bit AES Encryption. It encrypts any type of files- for example- DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, JPG, PNG and so on. It can encrypt almost all types of files. As default, only a few file types are selected for encryption so you’ll have to customize the settings. As default, only private User Files are encrypted so if you want you can change settings to add more folders at any time.

That’s all about computer security and data protection. With rise in data theft nowadays it is extremely important to protect your personal and business data against all sorts of threats.

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