Lock Computer and Encrypt Data

Computer Security is very essential. Documents stored on a computer are at risk unless you have a PC Lock software installed.

We do have files that we do not wish to share with anybody. These files may contain business tenders, office documents, sales statistics, customer information and passwords. You’re at risk of publicly disclosing such files unless you have a PC Lock software. A person who has physical access to your computer can turn on your computer; access your confidential information without obtaining your permission. This may cause a great loss to your business or privacy.

Precaution is always better than cure. To prevent such unforeseen situations you must take appropriate measures. Laplink PC Lock is a unique software built to protect your documents against unauthorized access. It lets you lock your PC with a strong password. This password is prompted every time your computer is started. Unless and until the valid password is entered, you cannot turn on your computer. If suppose a thief steals your computer, he’ll do several attempts to log-in with different types of passwords. The interesting part is that Laplink PC Lock limits total number of attempts. This total number of attempts is predefined by you. A warning is displayed to him. If still he continues his attempts, local access to the computer is disabled. This is again predefined by you. Thus he has no way to access your confidential information. On the other side, you can, at any time, log-in to the Laplink Web Portal and disable local access to the computer, change password for your safety or delete the files. No other software products provide these features.

The software also provides file encryption in addition to lock computer feature. You may encrypt your files with Military Grade 256 Bit AES encryption. Encryption settings are very user friendly. You may select folders to encrypt files from, file types and other settings. Encryption allows encoding of sensitive information so that no unauthorized person(s) can read the original information.

PC Lock and Data Encryption are the key features of Laplink PC Lock software. If we compare the same with Windows Security, Windows does not provide many features which are significant. Windows does not let you select total attempts to show warning and disable local access. It does not provide a central portal to change password, delete files or disable local access. Additionally Windows lack user friendly encryption process.

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