Java Error Windows 8

You may receive Java error in Windows 8 while browsing multimedia websites. The error message stops loading Java applets and stops you to view multimedia content.

If you are having Java error, this article would help you fixing the problem at ease.

Fix Shockwave Flash Step 1

Java Error? Download Error Scanner

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Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check the installed version of Java
  • Use Java control panel to enable Java
  • Clean Java Cache
  • Bypass/disable proxy settings
  • Repair Windows Registry

Check the installed version of Java

It could be reason that installed version of Java on your system is incompatible with operating system. It normally happens when you have version of program that is developed for 64-bit but you are running 32-bit Windows 8.

To check the version of Java, you need to directly GOTO JAVA website for verification. Conflicting situation always produces errors.

Use Java Control Panel to Enable Java

In some cases Java is disabled and you have to re-enable it. You can use Java Control Panel to enable Java on your system. Follow the instructions given below to re-enable Java.

  • Click on Search Icon at the bottom of screen in Windows 8
  • In the Search Box type “Java Control Panel” without quotes and tap Enter
  • In the list of results click on Java Icon to open Java Control Panel
  • In the Control Panel click on Security Tab
  • Mark the box “Enable Java Content in the Browser”
  • Now click on Apply | OK
  • Restart your system

Clean Java Cache

It could be reason that Java cache is corrupted. Clean Java cache by clearing temporary files through control panel. Follow the instructions given below to clean Java Cache.

  • Close all active programs and press WinKey + W to open Search
  • In search charm type “Java Control Panel” and tap Enter
  • To open Java control panel click on Java Icon
  • Now click on General Tab | Settings under Temp Internet Files
  • Click on Delete Files | OK | OK

Bypass / Disable Proxy Settings

Another reason behind Java Error Windows 8 could be proxy conflict. You can fix this problem by disabling or bypassing proxy settings. Follow the procedure given below to disable proxy settings.

  • Open Search Charm and type “Java Control Panel”
  • From the list of searched results click on Java icon to open Java Control Panel
  • Click on General Tab | Select Network Settings
  • Mark boxes “Use Browser Settings”
  • Click on OK
  • Restart your web browser and load the website that was producing this error
  • Change browser’s proxy settings if you are still facing error

Repair Windows Registry

Windows Registry is crucial component of operating system that saves program settings and configuration related to hardware. It could be reason that Java related Registry entries are corrupt. In this case, you need to repair Windows Registry. Follow the instructions given below to Repair Windows Registry.

  • Download and Install some reliable system utility software such as RegInOut
  • Click on Registry Repair feature through main interface of the program
  • Click on Start Scan button | Fix Errors
  • Close RegInOut Editor
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