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Is MacKeeper Safe? Read What You Did Not Know Before

This is an interesting debate over the internet. Some people regard MacKeeper as a malware, a virus. They claim that once installed it cannot be deleted, it erases files from your hard disk, it deletes your documents, data & images. On the other hand many others regard it as a safe and secure program. This discussion finally ends with a great confusion to the end user and unwillingness to purchase the product.

Is MacKeeper really a malware? If yes, why do so many people still purchase it? How come the official website still exists? How come the software company still shows Partner Companies Logos? How come these companies didn’t take any legal action against MacKeeper?

We’re sure these are some of the questions raised in your mind. In this article we’ll try our best to provide their answers.

The straight answer to the question “Is MacKeeper safe?” is, “Yes, MacKeeper is SAFE and SECURE. It is NOT a Virus. It is a legitimate software product published by ZeoBIT.”

It is very unfortunate that ZeoBIT MacKeeper has become victim of false claims and misconceptions. We live in a modern digital world which is connected through the internet. A group of some people have been purposefully providing false information about the MacKeeper product. They do it for their personal interest- may be because they own a competitor product or they have had disputes with the company in the past. Thus negative advertisements about MacKeeper are spread every day. With the intense fear of losing one’s money or getting infected by a virus, some prefer to stay away from the product. On the other hand, many people try it themselves and recover the lost confidence about brand image.

MacKeeper is basically a bundle of significant Mac optimization program. These programs altogether help speeding up Mac performance and fix speed-related problems. Additionally it lets you organize the files on your disk, clean temporary data, provides an antivirus to secure the system.

MacKeeper has nothing common with a malware. It is not a threat. There are several points we would like to clarify here.

1. About the Pop-Ups

People claim MacKeeper shows repetitive pop-ups which interrupts the user. Although it is true that it shows pop-ups; it is not true that they appear very repeatedly. The pop-up function does not interrupt the end user. If the user clicks any pop-up, he is provided additional information. No third party program/ file are downloaded. It promotes only ZeoBIT products.

2. About Speed Issues

Some people said that their Mac speed is dramatically reduced after installing MacKeeper software. The program itself does not cause slow speed. It does not use high resources to make the system slow. On the contrary, it provides all the tools that you needed to make Mac run faster and smoother. These tools are used to deal with several performance issues.

3. MacKeeper Price

It is clearly mentioned on its official website that MacKeeper is a premium product. However you’re given a full functional trial of total 15 days. Within this period you can clean your system, protect it against threats & viruses and use all the tools & features provided.

4. Brand Image & Satisfied Customers

In its website ZeoBIT itself states, “The real world applications and integrated solutions that we create will ensure that we remain an industry leading security and technology company today and tomorrow.”

Kev Clark, a satisfied customer says, “Great protection and frankly- anyone who owns a Mac should be running MacKeeper.”

The goal of the company is to provide quality products to the end user and remain industry leader. MacKeeper is NOT the only product they have manufactured.

5. They Produce So Many Products

MacKeeper is NOT the only product that ZeoBIT produces. There are many other popular products such as PCKeeper and ZeoNet which are very popular among the worldwide users. They’re used to optimize PC performance and share files online respectively.

6. Apply the Common Sense Here

The people who claim MacKeeper is a malware should understand its website still exists. If it was a malware, the web hosting company might have blocked their website.

They have provided a list of all Software Partners on the official website. If this information was not correct, respective companies would have taken legal action against MacKeeper.

This software has been tested by several popular organizations such as CNET and Apple. The customer support of the product is very speedy and on time. They’re very friendly as well.