How to Fix Event ID 1003?

Go through the steps outlined in this article to troubleshoot Dead Space 3 crashes/ errors/ freezes. Follow all steps until your problem is completely fixed.

Why Error 1003 Occurs?

Probable causes for this nefarious error are missing or corrupted Registry keys, invalid file/path references and file association errors. It is wise to repair this error asap to avoid irreversible system crash!

How Error 1003 Affects your PC?

You are not able to run certain programs/applications in your PC. Corrupted files and invalid Registry keys can create a conflict situation in your PC causing it to perform poorly.

Fix Possibility - Easy

It is easier to fix error. You need to download the Windows repair tool called Reginout from the link given below. Download software, install it and run scan right away.

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Event ID 1003 Error Fix

RegInOut Download (w/ Verisign Digital Certificate). Compatible w/ Windows 10/8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista/XP. By clicking to download, you agree to these Terms See Features & Functions

Instructional Steps to Repair Error in Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP

Event ID 1003 may appear due to problem with different programs and services. This article is an easy workaround to get rid of this problem.


  • Undo Recent Changes
  • Update Device Drivers
  • Make Sure Windows Security Center Service is Running
  • Use Selective Startups
  • Set Windows to Automatically Install Updates
  • Check Memory Problems
  • Run System File Checker

Undo Recent Changes

Problem with a particular app results in event id 1003. Restore recent changes made to your system. If you have installed a new program, uninstall it. Or use System Restore to restore your machine to an earlier restore point.

Update Device Drivers

Update all of your drivers to their latest versions. You probably have outdated driver versions. The latest versions can be found from the manufacturer website or otherwise you can manually locate them through the Device Manager.

  • Click Start | Control Panel.
  • Click System and Security | Administrative Tools | Computer Management.
  • Click Device Manager.
  • Find the device from the list of different categories. Double-click on device name.
  • Click Driver tab | Update Driver button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

Make Sure Windows Security Center Service is Running

Follow these guidelines to check whether Windows Security Center service is running:

  • Click Start | All Programs.
  • Click Accessories | Command Prompt.
  • In Command Prompt window, type "net start" (without quotes) and press ENTER.
  • It will show you a set of services which are running.
  • Check whether Windows Security Center Service is running or not. If it is not starting, restart it.

Use Selective Startups

Some of the startup applications may have problem. Disable third party applications to avoid conflicts.

  • Click Search after swiping from right edge.
  • Type "MSCONFIG" in the Search Box and open it.
  • Click the Services tab and select System Configuration.
  • Click Hide all Microsoft Services | Disable all.
  • Click Startup tab | Open Task Manager.
  • Select the item and click on Disable
  • Close Task Manager and then click OK.
  • Restart Windows 8.

Windows 7

  • Logon your system with required admin privileges.
  • Click Start, type "MSCONFIG.EXE" in the Search Box.
  • Press ENTER. System Configuration opens.
  • Choose the option "Selective Startup" in the General Tab.
  • Mark "Load Startup items" unchecked.
  • Check-up "Hide all Microsoft Services" box from the Services tab and click on Disable all button.
  • Click OK and restart your system.

Set Windows to Automatically Install Updates

Event ID 1003 error appears due to missing updates. Set Windows to automatically install updates on regular basis. Enable automatic updates download and installation.

  • Click Start, type "Update" in the Search Box.
  • Click Windows Update from the Searched Results.
  • Click Change Settings from the left pane.
  • Click an item under "Important Updates" category and then click "Recommended Updates".
  • Select "Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates" option, click OK button.

Check Memory Problems

Your computer may have memory problems. You might need to diagnose the RAM.

  • Click Start | Control Panel.
  • Type "memory" in the Search Box.
  • Click "Diagnose your computer's memory problems" in the Search Box.
  • Choose when to run the tool
  • Restart your system.

Run System File Checker

System File Checker scans and corrects issues with system files.

  • Press Windows Key + R.
  • Run box opens.
  • Type "sfc /scanNow" in the Open textbox and then press ENTER.

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