How Duplicate Files Affect System Performance, What are the Shortcuts to Remove Such Files

Duplicate Files

Duplicate files are those files which are unnecessary in nature and reside in different directories of your hard disk with the same content. For instance, if you created a Word Document with the name "Office.docx" and saved the same copy in a different location; the latter is regarded as a duplicate file.

Most of the times your operating system creates duplicate files during setup and other kind of administrative operations. It creates duplicate DLL files in different directories of your hard disk. It apparently wastes huge disk space and causes programs to respond slower.

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How Duplicate Files Affect System Performance?

Duplicate files won't do any harm to your operating system but one thing is for sure; your disk space will be highly consumed. Low disk space slows down the system performance. Programs tend to respond slower in such a case. Remove duplicate files in order to avoid slow-downs, lagging and other process halting.

Quick Steps to Remove Duplicate Files

There are two ways to remove duplicate files from your system:

Manual Process

You need to search for duplicate files in your system and delete them individually. For example: Search for a file named "John". Searched results would show you number of files including file path. You can delete those files after proper verification.

It is a lengthy process and you really cannot remember the long file names and paths. Secondly, there is Disk CleanUp utility in Windows which is also very helpful in this regards.

  • Click Start on your Taskbar.
  • Type "Disk Cleanup" (without quotes) in search box.
  • Click Disk CleanUp. (right-click on disk cleanup and select Run as Administrator)
  • Now select disk volume and click on OK

Automatically Remove Duplicate Files

Another method for removing duplicated files is using a software application which is specifically designed to find and remove files containing duplicate contents.

Duplicate File Cleaner is software that is designed to remove duplicate files from your system.

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