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Fix Mac Error Code 1407

Mac error code 1407 appears while removing data from hard disk. In this situation you need to transfer data to an external drive and format the disk that is causing error. Another way to resolve this error code is to use disk repair utility

Below are outlined few helpful steps through which you can fix MAC error code 1407.

  • Transfer data to external drive
  • Run OS in Safe Boot
  • Try Disk Utility

  • Use Command line Utility

Transfer Data to an External Drive

You need to copy data to an external drive such as flash drive or memory stick. Follow the instructions given below to copy files to an external USB drive.

  • Insert flash drive into available port
  • Check USB disk icon on your desktop | Double-click to open USB drive
  • Now Open your installation disk (hard drive)
  • Drag files from Hard Drive to an External Drive
  • Now Drag USB drive to Trash

Run OS in Safe Boot

You should try running system in Safe Boot in order to fix MAC error code 1407. Safe Boot is state in which operating system only loads required things. Safe boot helps because it.

Windows 7:

  • It loads required kernel extensions
  • It would only run Apple-installed items at startup
  • It only load Fonts from (/system/library/fonts)
  • To run MAC in Safe Boot, simply press & hold Shift Key as soon at Startup time
  • You would see an Apple Logo on screen in few seconds

Try Disk Utility

Run disk utility on your system to fix MAC error code 1407. After disk utility, if your system restarts successfully you can easily copy data without any problem. Follow the instructions given below to run disk utility on your system.

  • Start from Internet Recovery or Recovery System. You may use installation disc and keep holding C from keypad before computer restarts.
  • Now choose Disk Utility from Utilities after your finishes starting up. If you have restarted your system through an installation disc, you need to choose Disk Utility from Installer menu.
  • Now click on First Aid Tab | Select Disclosure from list of disk volumes
  • Select the volume where operating system is installed
  • Now click on Repair
  • It would fix error code 1407

Use Command Line Utility

Another way to resolve MAC error code 1407 is to use command line utility. Follow the instructions given below to use command line utility.

  • Start up MAC and Login your system through admin credentials
  • Now open Terminal from Applications > Utilities
  • In the Command Prompt, Press Return after typing following command diskutil verify /