File Sync Software

Syncmate is a powerful and handy application for synchronizing data between different devices. It lets you sync Mac with Nokia S40, iPhones, Windows Mobile, iPads and PCs. You can backup your important data online by just sync your Dropbox and Google accounts.

The main features are highlighted below:

  • Time Synchronization
  • iPhoto image Albums Synchronization
  • Folders Sync
  • iTunes and Video Sync
  • Data Encryption
  • Google and Dropbox Accounts
  • Android Smaprt Phones and Tablets (through Bluethooth, USB and Wi-Fi)
  • Personal Data (Contacts and Calendar) Synchronization
  • Bookmark Synchronization
  • Media Files sync
  • Tasks and notes sync

Synchronization Technology

Recent advancement in technology has enabled users to access their data through multiple resources. Its difficult to navigate around the account or to coordinate between two programs with different interfaces. Microsoft has introduced cloud to store and backup data online. Both users and businesses have too much data to handle. The problem with individuals and businesses is how to create a single point to access all their data.

Through synchronization technology we can coordinate between data. It could be synchronization between your MAC and PC, Mac and smartphone, Mac and Windows Phone, Mac and Blackberry, Mac and Sony PSP, Mac and Nokia S40, Mac and Android phone, Mac and Tablet, Mac and iPhone, Mac and iPod, Mac and MTP devices, Mac and Cloud Contacts, Mac and Calendars.

Syncmate provides you convenience while working with multiple devices. A single platform is used in order to save a lot of your precious time.

Get the Edition that Suits Your Needs

Syncmate comes with two editions,- free edition and paid edition. The former does not require you to pay any fees. Free download link is provided on company website. The latter requires you to pay a small amount of fee in order to avail additional functionality. You’ll have access to those features which are not a part of the free edition. It is designed by keeping users needs in the mind.


Eltima has truly identified needs of the users and provided them a single platform to access their data. The latest technology used in the software is very convenient for the users. The company aimed to improve user experience by synchronizing multiple files into a single platform.

  • Ratings:5 stars
  • Total downloads:5231555
  • Download Time:2sec on dsl, 2min on dial-up
  • Compatibility:Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000 32Bit & 64Bit OS Systems
  • Support: Yes