Error Code 80072ee2 / Error 80072ee2

Windows users receive Error Code 80072ee2 during the Windows Update process. This error occur when server receives a large number of update requests simultaneously.

This article will provide most common solutions to avoid this error message. Follow below steps in the manner they are given.

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Error 80072ee2? Download Error Scanner

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  • Try updating Windows at a later time
  • Add Windows servers to the list of trusted sites
  • Scan your viruses
  • Run system file checker tool
  • Clean redundant items from the Windows Registry

Try Updating Windows at a Later Time

Error 80072ee2 occurs due to busy server. In other words, Microsoft server receives a large number of update requests from different users in the world. This lead to delay in the update process and finally failure to update Windows.

Wait a while and start update process at a later time. Do keep your computer idle for 10-15 minutes and then try updating it again.

Add Windows Servers to the List of Trusted Sites

Error 80072ee2 comes-up due to internet related settings. You might need to reconfigure your internet settings. Add Windows Update servers to the list of trusted sites. After you add them to the trusted sites list, you might not receive this error again.

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click Tools | Internet Options.
  • Click the Security tab. Select Trusted Sites icon.
  • Enter following web addresses in that zone: http://*
  • Click the Add button to add each site to trusted sites list.

Scan for Viruses

Sometime 80072ee2 occurs if your system is infected by a virus. Download a good antivirus software and scan all the drives, removable media (CD/ DVD ROM, USB Flash Drive, External Drive). If infected files are found, please delete them immediately.

Run System File Checker Tool

This error occurs due to corrupt program files. Some of the files located in the Windows directory could be missing. Some files could be changed in an improper manner. Solve such issues using the System File Checker tool.

  • Click the Start button.
  • Click All Programs | Accessories. Right click Command Prompt, select Run as Administrator.
  • Enter username and password, if prompted.
  • Type following command: sfc /scannow
  • Press ENTER. This command shall scan all your system files and replace them with their genuine versions.

Clean Redundant Items frm the Windows Registry

Repeated Registry entries, bad/ invalid file references, incorrect settings are the most common reasons behind Error Code 80072ee2 / Error 80072ee2.

Do scan the Registry using a reliable Registry Cleaner software. A list of all errors shall appear on your screen. Repair them as earliest as possible.

  • Download Registry Cleaner software--ยท Install the software and run it.
  • After complete scan you will have a list of Registry errors.
  • Click Fix Errors button to clean all the Registry errors. This will hopefully resolve the error code 80072ee2 / error 80072ee2

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