Error 25004--Nerds Way to Deal with it

Error 25004 appears on your screen while installing MS Office on your system when previous installation entries are still present in your system. This article is complete workaround to resolve this error.

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Error 25004? Download Error Scanner

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Resolution Steps

  • Uninstall MS Office through Control Panel
  • Use RegInOut Uninstall Manager
  • Manually Remove Office Related Entries
  • Repair Windows Registry
  • Run Disk Cleanup

Error 25004? Download Repair Tool

Uninstall MS Office through Control Panel

Error 25004 occurs due to previous installation entries. It happens when user has not completely uninstalled MS Office. To completely uninstall MS Office, follow the procedure given below.

  • Open Start | Select Control Panel
  • Click on Uninstall a Program under Programs in Control Panel
  • Select MS Office in list of installed programs
  • Right-click on Program then click on Uninstall
  • Restart your system and try installing MS Office again

Use RegInOut Uninstall Manager

If uninstalling MS Office through control panel could not resolve your problem. Get RegInOut system utility software clean previous entries. Follow the instructions given below to clean previous installation entries.

  • Download and Install RegInOut system utility
  • Once you have successfully installed system Utility
  • Click on Uninstall Manager | Select Microsoft Office
  • Click on Uninstall

Manually Remove Office Related Entries

You can manually remove Microsoft Office related entries from program files in order to fix error 25004. Follow the instructions given below.

  • Close all active programs
  • Open Windows Explorer and type "C:\Program Files" in address bar
  • Check for "Microsoft Office" if it exists rename it to anything else such as "Microsoft Office old"
  • In the same way check for "Office Update, Office Update12, Office Update14" and rename all these entries to "Office Update old, Office Update12 old, Office Update14 old"
  • Quit from Windows Explorer and start installing MS Office

Repair Windows Registry

Windows Registry is an essential component of operating system that stores settings related to installed program. It would be wise to clean Windows Registry in order to fix error 25004. Follow these instructions to repair Windows Registry.

  • Download and install system utility software such as RegInOut
  • Click on Registry Repair Feature
  • Scan your system for Registry Errors | Fix Errors
  • Quit from RegInOut Editor
  • Install MS Office

Run Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is Windows integrated utility to remove temporary files. You should perform Disk Clean Up before Registry Repair. Follow the instructions given below to remove temporary files

  • Click on Start | Type "Disk Cleanup" without quotes in Search box
  • Select the installation volume and hit Enter
  • Similarly remove temporary files from all volumes
  • Close all active programs
  • Restart your system
  • Start installing MS OFFICE without error 25004
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