Fix Error 216

The error 216 in Windows 7/8, Vista and XP can occur intermittently while browsing the web with Internet Explorer. Following are the solutions highlighted to fix error code 216 in an easy and safe manner. Besides there is a way to fix the problem with the software.

  • Change Screen Resolution to 800 * 600 Pixels
  • Change Incorrect Registry Entries
  • Rename QbPrint.gbp File
  • Stop Services and Startups
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Error 216? Download Error Scanner

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Change Screen Resolution to 800*600 Pixel

Error 216 may occur if the resolution of your monitor is kept to anything other than 800*600 pixels. Change it to the supported 800*600 for getting this problem solved.

  • Right click your desktop and select Screen Resolution.
  • From Resolution drop down box, move the sidebar to 800*600 pixels.
  • Click Apply| OK.

Change Incorrect Registry Entries

Windows Error 216 appears on your computer when the registry is corrupted. In simple words, a registry is said to be corrupted, when the registry entries are inappropriate and junk.To solve the problem, re-structure your registry appropriately.Download a Registry Cleaner. software and start a full registry scan. Fix the problems found in it.

Rename QbPrint.bgp File

Error 216 may occur in QuickBooks application. Rename a file called QbPrint.bgp to solve error 216. The steps are given below:

  • Click Start. Type Folder Options and press ENTER. Or otherwise, open My Computer, click Tools |Folder Options.
  • In the new dialog, click View tab. Select Show Hidden Files, Folder and Drives option and click OK.
  • Open My Computer, and browse the following directory: C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
  • Right click a file called QbPrint.bgp and specify a new name as Backup_QbPrint.bgp.

Stop Services and Startups

Error 216 may occur when your computer is just started up. To stop this problem, you have to stop the start-ups and services running when your computer finishes booting. Download a System Utilities software to do this task safely. Else do these steps:

  • Click Start.
  • Type MsConfig and press ENTER.
  • Under Startup tab, click Disable All. Be sure to keep your antivirus enabled. Click Apply.
  • Do the same for the Services tab after marking Hide all Microsoft Services as checked. Click Apply.
  • Click OK and reboot your computer.
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