Driver Scanner 2013 Review

Drivers are pieces of software that you receive whenever you purchase any new hardware device. Drivers play a significant role as an interpreter in translating hardware code language to computer language. Almost all hardware connected to your computer has independent drivers- be it joy stick, printer, speaker or mouse.

Why do I need to update my drivers?

Following are outlined the reasons for updating your PC drivers:

1. Makes Hardware Stay Compatible with Latest Windows Features:

As all of you know technology is changing very rapidly it is important to let your hardware stay compatible with the ever-changing features in Windows. Otherwise upgrades and new features in Windows will not recognize your hardware. This is where the need for driver scanner program arises. Driver updating software by Uniblue has the potential to take care of this problem.

2. Prevents Security Exploits:

As the technology rapidly changes new types of viruses and malwares are built. Bad guys target a computer by identifying security exploits in the system. Computers with outdated drivers are more vulnerable to security threats and cyber-attacks than regularly updated computers. Hence it is important to ensure all the drivers are updated regularly through a reliable utility such as Driver Scanner tool (version 2013).

3. Improves Speed & Efficiency:

A computer with updated drivers is more speedy and efficient. The reason lies in speedy coding and hardware to computer language translation. Device manufacturers release new driver updates to make your computer run faster, smoother and reliable.

4. Bug Fixes:

A Bug is a programming error. In most cases bugs lead to error messages, computer/ program crashes, Black Screen, Blue Screen of Death and random system reboots.

To ensure your drivers are bugs-free it is important to update the hardware. Latest driver versions contain improvements to fix existing bugs and avoid so many computer problems.

How does Uniblue Driver Scanner 2013 Works?

Uniblue Driver Scanner 2013, as the name describes, is a program designed to scan latest drivers over the internet. It then downloads and installs these drivers to your PC/ laptop.

Unlike other programs it has a simple and friendly user interface. The main window provides detailed information like update history, scan status and so on.

When you click the Start Scan button, a new tab opens which starts the driver scan automatically. Within a minute or two, a list of drivers with Installed and Available driver versions appear. The Installed Version indicates the existing version which is currently installed on your system. On the other hand, Available Version indicates the latest version offered online. For detailed information about individual drivers, simply click the Learn more link. Driver age in the form of old, very old or ancient is also displayed. In short, the program provides every information you need to know about your PC drivers.

Followed by the quick driver scan, a green-colored ‘Download All’ button appears. This button lets the user confirm download and install drivers. The process takes a few minutes and then driver update history is stored for your information.

Add-On Features

The features I mentioned above are not the only features that the program offers! There are some more interesting features as well. These add-on features help you customize the way it works and manage your computer. Other programs generally do not have these add-ons.

Uniblue Driver Scanner 2013 offers following add-on features:

1. Get Driver Update History:

Driver Update history appears in a separate tab. It is very important especially when a local technician is diagnosing your computer. It shows the list of drivers updated, date and time of update and total file size.

2. Change Download Location:

Download Location is a folder where the drivers are downloaded. If a particular drive is almost full, Driver Scanner 2013 gives you option to select another drive.

3. Ignore Specific Drivers:

Sometime for technical reasons we have to ignore particular drivers. The program lets you ignore specific drivers as per your convenience. You can manage the Ignored Drivers list and add or remove items at any time.

4. Rollback your System:

A reason why Driver Scanner 2013 is different from other programs is that it provides security measures. It creates a system restore point every time before new drivers are installed. Thus at any time you can rollback to earlier system states if you’re having inconvenience.

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