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MacKeeper is an essential product for every Mac computer. It is a combination of all the tools and features needed to optimize, protect and speed up a Mac computer. It lets you performs regular system maintenance tasks and maintaining the system stability & performance. It helps regaining the lost performance.

Following are outlined its important features:

To fix this problem you:

  • Complete System Clean-Up
  • Disk Usage Details
  • Duplicate Files Finder
  • Files Finder

  • Smart Uninstaller

Complete System Clean-Up

System Cleaning is an important task. It involves cleaning of total 4 items, viz. Binaries, Languages, System Logs and Cache.

  • Binaries: Binaries are the unneeded files left by the programs. Unneeded program parts and files are deleted to save huge amount of disk space. Download MacKeeper to delete the binaries.
  • Languages: Languages contain several unused language files, for example, foreign languages that you do not need at all. By deleting unneeded languages, you’ll not only save disk space but also speed up Mac operations.
  • Logs: Logs are the program records. These are the files stored for troubleshooting purpose. If an application stops responding or crashes frequently, logs are used to get detailed information. Clean them up to save disk space.
  • Cache: Cache files are usually created to speed up web browsing. Website loading speed is improved in case cache files of a particular website are stored. However this comes true when there are large amount of cache files stored. In other words, lots of disk space is allocated by cache. This negatively affects Mac performance.

Use MacKeeper to deal with all temporary items that occupy disk space and degrades system performance.

Disk Usage Details

MacKeeper shows the amount of disk space allocated by different size of files. For example, 10 GB sized files are indicated with the red color, 1 GB-10 GB sized files with orange color and so on. This helps you detect which large files are occupying most of your disk space.

Duplicate Files Finder

Duplicate Files Finder is a tool dedicated to automatically search and delete duplicate files from your hard disk. Duplicate files unnecessarily occupy a large amount of your hard disk and huge waste disk space. Let the Duplicate File Finder detect and clean all duplicate documents, images, videos and other files. Thus MacKeeper helps boosting system performance.

Files Finder

The Files Finder is a unique tool to quickly search any type of files. You may search documents, images, videos, applications and archives with this tool. To make your own filters, use the Custom Presets feature. Download MacKeeper to quickly find the files located on your hard disk.

Smart Uninstaller

Smart Uninstaller is very useful to complete remove programs from your computer. You may select a particular program, widget and other item to uninstall. It removes the program and associated files safely and securely.

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