Clone Files Checker

Clone Files Checker is software program that scans your PC for clone/duplicate files. This software program after scanning system comprehensively for duplicate files returns with list of unnecessary files with an option to delete those files. The program is designed to operate on Microsoft Windows and currently it supports Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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Clone Files Checker is published by Sorcim Technologies Pvt. Ltd that specializes in providing tools to improve performance of PC. One of its popular system utility software is RegInOut that is being used by millions of PC users worldwide. Sorcim products are listed in Intel Software Program and Microsoft Pinpoint.

How Clone File Finder Helps

Oftentimes we do not have idea how much clone files we do have on our PC. We often save or create shortcut of same file on different locations and may be on different drives. Overtimes these files are recreated for no good reason. For instance, clone of music/video files can consume too much disk space, although these are mistakenly created.

Clone File Finder would search all those unnecessary files and provide you an option to delete those files. If you do not delete those files, they would create disk fragmentation and may affect Registry component of operating system which saves crucial entries about install programs.

Features of Clone Files Checker

Here are some of the key features of Clone Files Checker

  • Improves performance of PC by cleaning clone files—clean duplicate files

  • Search Clone Files by Content– it helps in searching files that are created under different names with same content inside.
  • Organize Media Files-- Media files such as video content, images, pictures and source of clone files. By organizing Media Files, would clean all those files which are duplicated.
  • Find True Clone of File—Clone Files Checker engine uses advanced algorithm to fully scan your system byte-by-byte, which is fastest way to identify and remove duplicate files.
  • Save Searched Results—you can save searched result to analyze what to keep and what to delete
  • Scan for Clone Files from multiple locations—you can select disk volumes, external drive, CD/DVD ROM or anything attached to system for identifying clone files.
  • Background Scan—you can set the application to run in background while you are performing other tasks.
  • Safe Search—safe search in Clone Files Checker would help prevent scanning hidden and system files
  • Export Functionality—with the application you can export your searched results in notepad or HTML file.
  • Recycle Bin Integration—you can decide whether to include content from Recycle Bin or Explorer.
  • Multiple File Types—Clone Files Checker supports Photo Files, Web files, MS Office Files, Outlook files, Adobe Acrobat Files, Video Files and more.

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  • Compatibility:Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000 32Bit & 64Bit OS Systems
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