Causes for Shockwave Flash Plugin Crashing

Main cause of crashing with Shockwave Flash is the conflicting browser and application files. Issues in Windows Registry, File Associations and corrupted and improper browser and Flash plugin settings also cause it to crash frequently.

How it Affects Browsing and Computing?

You may not be able to watch videos on internet, chat on various websites such as Chatroulette, Omege, play games on Facebook and other websites. That is clearly intolerable and needs your special attention.

Repair Difficulty -- Easy

It is not that difficult to repair Adobe's Shockwave Flash. You can fix its crashing by following the detailed instructions given below or you can try scanning your system for Windows and Browser errors with the Intel Software Partner Reginout from the link given below:

Fix Shockwave Flash Step 1

Shockwave Crash? Download Error Scanner

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Shockwave Player allows multimedia playback which enables you to view interactive web content like animated business presentations, moving objects and games. Users are constantly encountering Shockwave Flash Crash which can be resolved by taking effective steps given below:

Let me tell you how to fix it under 2 minutes.


  • Disable Embedded Version
  • Reinstall Shockwave Flash
  • Start Browser in Safe Mode
  • Disable Hardware Acceleration
  • Restore Default Theme
  • Disable Brower Extensions
  • Use Software Rendering
  • Uninstall AdBlockers
  • Update Web Browser and Download Windows Updates
  • Scan for Malware

Disable Embedded Copy

Google Chrome comes with an embedded version of Shockwave Flash Player. We often download Shockwave Flash from other web browsers which make conflicts with the embedded version.

To fix Shockwave Flash crash, please disable the embedded copy as below. This will stop conflicts between the two.

  • Open Google Chrome | Type “about:plugins” in address bar and press Enter.
  • This page would list plug-ins detail
  • Click on Details in Top right corner to expand Flash section
  • Disable All Entries that start with C:\users\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application
  • Note: Make sure you have selection only Flash Section

  • After disabling entries, restart Google Chrome.

Reinstall Shockwave Flash

The Shockwave Flash program installation can be corrupt. Reinstalling the program will copy fresh files and fix Shockwave Flash crash.

  • Open My Computer.
  • Double-click on installation drive C:\Windows | Select System 32 | Macromedia | Flash
  • Delete everything from this folder
  • Restart browser and download latest Flash.

Start Browser in Safe Mode

A faulty extension may cause Shockwave Flash crash. Run Firefox in Safe Mode to disable all the extensions.

  • Open Firefox | Click on Help
  • Select Restart with Add-ons Disabled
  • Starting Browser in Safe Mode shouldfix Shockwave Flash Crash

Method 2

  • Open Start | Type “Run” in Search box
  • In Run Window Type “firefox –safe-mode”

Disable Hardware Acceleration

If Shockwave Flash Crash error continues to appear on Firefox, you should disable Hardware Acceleration.

Hardware Acceleration is a process of using hardware to accelerate the system performance. Disabling Hardware Acceleration will fix Shockwave Flash Crash.

  • Open Firefox.
  • Click on top left corner—at Firefox button
  • Click on Options | Advanced | General.
  • Disable/uncheck Use Hardware Acceleration when available.
  • Exit from Firefox.

Restore Default Theme

Shockwave Flash Crash can be due to trouble with Firefox browser itself. To solve this problem, just restore the default theme through instructions given below.

  • Open Firefox | Click on Firefox Button | Add-ons
  • Click on Appearance Panel | Select Default Theme
  • Restart Firefox

Disable Browser Extensions

Faulty browser extension can cause Shockwave Flash Crash. Disabling extensions should help resolving problem. Below is given procedure to disable browser extensions in Firefox.

  • Open browser | Add-ons | Extensions Panel
  • Select extension and disable it.
  • Repeat step 2 for all extensions.
  • Restart browser.

Use Software Rendering

Shockwave Flash Crash issue on Internet Explorer can be fixed by disabling add-ons, extensions, updating browser and most importantly by enabling Software Rendering. Follow the procedure given below to disable Software.

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools | Internet Options | Advanced
  • Select “Use Software Rendering Instead of GPU Rendering” under Accelerated Graphics.

Uninstall AdBlockers

An Ad-Blocker program is used to block online advertisements. Such programs create conflicts and Shockwave Flash crash problem is experienced. Uninstall any adblocking program installed.

Update Web Browser and Download Windows Update

Update your web browser. Download the latest version offered online. Click Help | Check for Update.

In addition to this, download and install Windows updates. Here are the steps required:

  • Click Start | All Programs | Windows Update.
  • Click Check for Updates button.
  • Let the process start.
  • Click Download and Install Updatesbutton.

Scan for Malware

Your PC can be infected by malware. Scan for malware using a good Anti-Malware program. Make sure that it is up-to-date.

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