Fix Error 9808 Windows 7/8, Vista and XP

Error 9808 may occur with iTunes software. It may also occur when one tries to connect to iTunes Store. Let us discuss the reasons behind it and the simple guidelines that worked for many users.

Troubleshooting Guidelines:

  • Set Correct Date and Time in BIOS Settings
  • Set Correct Date and Time in Windows
  • Fix your Registry
  • Delete Temporary Files and Contents
  • Reinstall iTunes
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Error 9808? Download Error Scanner

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Set Correct Date and Time in BIOS Settings

Incorrect date and time set in the BIOS settings can lead to Windows error 9808. Change the existing date and time to the incorrect one.

  • Restart your computer.
  • Press Delete key repeatedly.
  • Change the date and time and save changes using appropriate key.

Set Correct Date and Time in Windows:

Similarly, error 9808 in Windows 7/8, Vista and XP may also occur if the Windows Clock is not configured with correct date and time. Set the appropriate date and time using the steps provided below:

  • Click Start | Control Panel.
  • Click "Clock, Language and Region".
  • Click "Date and Time".
  • Click "Change Date and Time".
  • Set appropriate date-time and click OK | OK | Close.

Fix your Windows Registry:

Registry is a vital part in Windows operating system that must be in good state in order to function your computer properly. Wrong values in the registry strings, or missing registry keys can lead to error 9808. Download Registry Cleaner Here.

Delete Temporary Files and Contents:

To solve error 9808 in Windows 7/8, Vista and XP, delete the temporary files stored in the various temporary locations. Doing this thing requires knowledge about the various temporary folders on your computer. If you are a basic user, you are advised to use a System Cleaner software.

To locate Disk CleanUp in Windows, click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.

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