Learn Easy Fix for Windows Error 651

Error 651 may appear when the user tries to unplug his modem while the modem is dialling. This error was recorded while the modem was used for incoming and outgoing traffic on Windows operating systems.

Fix Error Step 1

Error 651? Download Error Scanner

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Following are the solutions used to fix error 651:

  • Download Latest Service Pack
  • Repair the Registry
  • Connect your Modem via Ethernet
  • Reinstall the Modem
  • Reinstall the Dial-Up Adapter
  • Clean the Temporary Internet Files

Download Latest Service Pack

Make sure that your system is up-to-date. Download and install the latest service pack for your operating system. By doing this, you may find a patch to fix error 651 automatically.

Repair the Registry

Registry is the database containing configurations about your computer hardware and software. Incorrect registry data lead error 651. Repair the registry to solve the problem securely. Download here the Intel Software Partner, Registry Repair

Connect your Modem via Ethernet

If you did not connect your modem via Ethernet, connect it now via Ethernet connection. This will prevent your computer from showing error 651.

Reinstall the Modem

Error 651 appears if the correct modem is not installed. To solve the problem, reinstall lit as shown below:

  • Click Start | Control Panel.
  • Type Control Panel\All Control Panel Items in the Address Bar and press ENTER.
  • Click Phone and Modem icon.
  • Make sure that the correct modem is installed. If it is not, uninstall the existing and restart your computer.
  • Reinstall the modem that you wish to use.

Clean the Temporary Internet Files

Cleaning the temporary internet files and browser cache would solve error 651. The required steps are as below:

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click Tools | Delete Browsing History.
  • Click Delete button.

Download Download Error Scanner
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