How could one fix error 1603?

  • By installing the software to a non-encrypted folder
  • By granting administrative permissions to the installation folder
  • By cleaning the broken registry entries in installation program’s paths
  • By cleaning the temporary folders
  • By stopping all other programs running in the background

Install the Software to a Non-Encrypted Folder

File encryption is a feature used in NTFS type of dries to protect the sensitive user data from attackers who have physical access to the target machine. If you are trying to install a software on an encrypted drive or folder, cancel it. Only choose a drive/ folder which are not encrypted.

Grant Administrative Permissions to the Installation Folder.

Make sure that the folder where you were trying to install a software had administrative permissions to access and modify the files.

  • Exit the setup.
  • Right click the installation folder, i.e. the destination folder where you were trying to install the software.
  • Select Properties.
  • Click Security tab.
  • Click Edit button.
  • Click OK | OK.
  • Restart the setup.

Clean Broken Registry Entries

The active installation program stores its configurations in your registry for later use. If these configurations are broken, they lead to error 1603. Clean the registry with the help of a good Registry Cleaner software and then restart your computer. Download here Intel Software Partner, Registry Cleaner.

Clean the Temporary Folders

A simple installation program extracts its required files in a temporary location and then performs in order to perform the required tasks. When the extracted temporary contents are corrupted, they lead error 1603.
Delete the files extracted by the active setup program. Open My Computer, and delete all the contents of C:\Windows\Temp directory.

Stop All the Programs that are Running in the Background

If there are any programs running in the background while installing a product, they might be the source of error 1603. Stop them while doing the task.

  • Click Start | Run.
  • Type Services.msc and press ENTER.
  • Right click a service and select Stop option.


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