Renaming Files in Serato

Serato is a renowned software solution that goes to great lengths to make life easier for DJs around the world.

With the availability of FX for better audio and AM Mode to protect the playlist, Serato is one of the most comprehensive solutions available nowadays. Today we’ll look at how to easily take care of disorganized filenames when saving a track, playlist and even folders. To help you find the best solutions for Serato issues we’ve done some hefty research to bring you the simplest and most effective ways to get the job done.

Easily rename files in Serato

Easy File Renamer is a digitally signed, verified software


Renaming Crates & Files

Serato lets you store songs and files into a separate folder known as a crate. The crates can also be modified to automatically add songs based on the artist and genre of the song. This is one of the reasons why some songs might be named in a funny manner. Follow these steps to give more meaningful names to songs and organize your Serato crates manually.

  1. Make sure that when you install Serato, you have the Protect Library option unchecked in the setup menu.
  2. The file or crate names you want to edit are stored on your PC in the Music folder.
  3. Navigate to Music | Serato.
  4. Select the crate in which the target files are located.
  5. The changes you make will be reflected in Serato once you re-launch it.


Bulk Renaming Files in Serato

Renaming crates in Serato in bulk numbers is a tough ask unless you’re equipped with a proper software. Easy File Renamer makes this task much easier for you than you can even imagine. You can edit MP3 tags and edit file names without caring about the magnitude of the target data, with minimum effort. Follow these simple steps to do so.

  1. Navigate to the crate where the target data is stored.
  2. You can either manually select music files to add, add files from a specific folder or even import your music files from your iTunes Library.
  3. After you’ve added the files, you’ll need to select the rules to rename the files. You can even combine a variety of rules to organize your songs exactly the way you want!
  4. You can also edit MP3 file tags by using the Bulk Tag Editor option. Clicking on the Bulk Tag Editor will throw up a pop-up window which will prompt you to input the tags you want to add. You can edit Artist, Album, Year, Genre as well as Album Art to make your MP3 more meaningful and organized than before.

Once you’re done with selecting the renaming rule(s) and editing the tags as well (optional), simply click the Rename button located on the bottom right of Easy File Renamer user interface. The resulting action will be over pretty soon and leave your Serato data with meaningful filenames.