Freezes and Lags in the Game Forged Battalion

If you have previously loved real-time strategy games, which reflected the 90’s era, such as Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, and Total Annihilation, it is likely that you will be a fan of Forged Battalion too. The game was released in early 2018.

Although it was originally developed by Petroglyph Games, it was published through Team 17. This game that comes with improved features into the casual genre, has brought a tinge of excitement along with it. It is available on Steam Early Access.

Sweep Clean System Junk, Spruce Up Forged Battalion

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Forged Battalion, which is still in the Early Access stage, has managed to attract a huge audience. The game managed to glue thousands of people across the globe to their screens. However, over the past few months, many of these players have been continuously bumping into frustrating issues such as freezes and lags during the game.

Petroglyph Games responded to the growing number of concerns and explained that the back-end development of the game is still underway. Since it is still in the Early Access stage, the developers are using evaluations and feedback from players to make improvements into this renowned game. As an attempt to fix bugs timely, the developers also released a patch. This addressed several technical issues in the game such as weapon rebalancing.


What you could do to Avoid Such Issues

Yes, we understand that there are a plenty of built-in technical issues present in the game Forged Battalion. However, it may be possible that sometimes the problem you are facing during your play time is not because of the game but because of your gaming system itself.

For example, if you feel like that the graphics of your game are not up to the mark, you should visit the website of the company that has manufactured your system’s Graphics card. From there, you could download latest drivers for your Graphics card. The same is the case with the Video card. You could download its latest drivers too, simply by going to its manufacturer’s website. Doing so will increase your system’s FMS value and will allow you to have an enhanced gaming experience. However, make sure that while you are updating your video card’s drivers, you download the final versions and not the beta ones. This is because the beta version is more likely to be negatively affected by bugs and might end up disrupting your game even more. Once you follow these tips, you will see that your game would lag or freeze less.

You are also suggested to carefully monitor the CPU utilization before initiating a game session in Forged Battalion. This can be done by going to the Task Manager of your computer. If you feel that any unnecessary program is opened and is consuming a high percentage of your computer’s resources, you are suggested to turn it off before you launch your game.

Before you run the installation wizard of Forged Battalion on your computer, please ensure that you have sufficient free storage space on your hard drive. You are also suggested to temporarily turn off any antivirus software applications present in your system. This is because some specific files present in the set of game installation files might be detected as a threat by your antivirus program. Since your antivirus will not let your computer install the whole installation file set, there might be a few essential components missing from your game. It is important to make sure that proper and complete installation of your game occurs. Otherwise, you might even have trouble starting it in the first place.