Fix Lagging in Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster is quite an interesting software as it not only captures the screen of any application which isn’t that easier otherwise to accomplish, but also live streams them to many selected video sharing platforms such as YouTube.

It has been designed by using the open source approach, and for this reason, it’s up to the community to add new features and fix any existing bugs. The following guide explains how to fix this particular issue which causes the software to lag when recording certain applications. And as far as fixing the lags in Open Broadcaster Software go, here is a nice handy software that will help you clean up and optimize your computer and as a result, all the mess will be fixed right away.

Fix Lags in Open Broadcaster Software

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Solution 1: Update The Software

As usual, the first rule of thumb of fixing any bug is keeping the software up-to-date, as many existing issues might have already been fixed in the latest update.

  1. Visit the following URL in your web browser:
  2. Scroll down to locate the first block of codes.
  3. Scroll a bit more down to download the latest version.

    OBS Studio available downloads
    OBS Studio available downloads
  4. Alternatively, you can launch the software, locate Help from its menu bar and then click on Check for updates to initiate the scanning for updates.


Solution 2: Install the Pre-Required Software

Open Broadcaster utilizes Direct3D API to render its contents, and for this reason, it’s important to have the latest version installed in the system to get the best out of it. Moreover, having the latest version of the graphics driver is a necessity too if the application being used utilizes the graphics adapter, such as a video game or something like that.

Download the Latest Graphics Driver

  1. Visit the following web URL:
  2. Click on the Graphics Drivers button to download the latest driver for Nvidia hardware.
  3. Once the download is over, install and restart the system for the changes to be effective.
  1. Visit the following website:
  2. Click on DOWNLOAD NOW to initiate downloading the latest driver for AMD graphics adapters.

    Hit the DOWNLOAD NOW button
    Hit the DOWNLOAD NOW button
  3. Now install the driver and finally restart the system.

Install the DirectX Runtime

DirectX Web Installer
  1. Visit the following web URL:
  2. Select the language, and click on the  Download button to launch the download of the DirectX web installer.
  3. Once it’s been downloaded, install and restart the system for the changes to be permanent.


Solution 3: Adjust the Settings in Open Broadcast

Open Broadcaster provides a number of settings within its application to adjust for quality as well as performance. Tweaking it somewhat helps to find a sweet spot for the current system to have an optimized performance without compromising too much on the quality.

  1. Search for OBS Studio in the start menu.

    Searching for OBS Studio
    Searching for OBS Studio in the Start menu
  2. Now select it from the Search Results to launch it.
    Note: If your computer system is equipped with a 64-bit operating system, the 64-bit version of Open Broadcaster will automatically be installed rather than the 32-bit one. And installing the 64-bit version is strongly recommended if your system contains memory in excess of 4GB.
  3. Click on File in the menu bar and then select Settings from the menu that just opened.
  4. Now select Output to access this section.

    Click the Output tab
    Click the Output tab
  5. In the Streaming segment, select Hardware as the encoder for getting the maximum performance while streaming is in progress.
    Note: Hardware encoder utilizes the Graphics Adapter, and software encoder utilizes the CPU. As the Graphics Adapter is more powerful than the CPU, it’s a wise choice to pick the Hardware Encoder.
  6. In the next segment, select Same as stream from the Recording Quality drop-down menu and mkv from the Recording Format drop-down box.
  7. In the main menus of the Settings window, locate and select Video.

    Open the Video section
    Open the Video section
  8. Select a lower resolution for Output (Scaled) Resolution.
  9. Select Bilinear as the Download Filter for getting the fastest video output at the cost of the quality. If the quality is very dear to you while your system is equipped with relatively decent hardware installed in it, then select Bicubic.

    Choose between Bilinear / Cubic
    Choose between Bilinear / Cubic
  10. Back to the main menu, select Advanced from the Settings menu.
  11. Select High for Process Priority and Direct3D 11 for Renderer. You will also need to select a dedicated graphics adapter if there are multiple graphics adapters installed in the system.
  12. Click on Apply | OK to save the changes. Now restart Open Broadcaster for the changes to be permanent.

    Applying the changes
    Applying the changes
  13. If the settings didn’t work out as you expected, restart the system.