Dust and Salt: Lags and Freezes

One of the top releases for the Steam platform this year, Dust and Salt was released to the public in January 2018.

Developed and published by Prime Games, this game follows a text based narrative with a slight touch of turn based tactical battles. The game was also made available to Android smartphones via Play Store. The core theme of the game revolves around the hero being in command of the troops in a medieval setting, and getting to choose the battles they want to contest.

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Issues Faced During Gameplay

Available on both Windows and Mac, Dust and Salt has garnered a large fan base in a short period of time. Despite its rising success, there have been reports of numerous complaints by the users that included issues such as freezes, lags and other technical bugs. The complaints have been very frequent and are a cause of a lot of nuisance for the players.

Avid gamers have reported that the game freezes at random instances, forcing them with no other option than to reboot their computers and start playing all over again. This results in a loss of progress for the player apart from causing an unnecessary wastage of time.

A particular example, which has been occurring very frequently is the game freezing during troop selection. Players have reported that when they were selecting their troops for the first time, they were able to alter the strength of their units. However, as soon as the player attempts to do so, the game freezes. To make matters worse, when the player relaunches the game once they’ve rebooted their computer, the same troops selection screen is shown once again and the whole issue keeps on repeating itself in a never ending cycle. This problem is totally unresolved as of now.

Lags are also pretty common in Dust and Salt. The players experience a noticeable delay in the movement of their characters which kills the fun due to it happening again and again. Players lose any progress made during the course of the game and also incur heavy losses during battles in case there is an occurrence of lag.


Solution to Lags and Freezes

Even though there are certain in-built defects with the gameplay regarding which the developers are constantly working upon, it might be possible that the issues you are facing might actually be due to problems at your own end.

So first things first, the most important consideration in order to avoid lags and freezes is to ensure proper installation of the game after downloading Dust and Salt from Steam. Failure to do so might result in the game not properly starting. Another aspect to consider while installing Dust and Salt is that you should disable the anti-virus software of your computer before starting the installation. This is due to the fact that there are certain installation files which might be marked as malicious by the anti-virus software and eventually get deleted/ blocked. Lastly you should make sure that while installing the game, there must be sufficient storage space on the hard disk drive.

Next, you should also monitor the CPU utilization prior to starting a session of Dust and Salt. You can check the CPU and memory utilization by visiting the Task Manager of the computer that can be accessed by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously. In case you notice some programs consuming a significant percentage of the resources, you should turn off those programs before you launch the game.

Finally make it a habit to regularly update the Graphics card as it often plays a major role in impacting the performance of the game on your computer.