Delete Duplicate Songs in DivX Video Player

DivX is a popular media player developed by DivX, LLC. It is most popular for its lightning fast batch video conversion feature. The DivX file format is universally recognized by major DVD player manufacturers. Contrary to other video player applications in the market, you get a full-featured set of add-on utilities for free with DivX player. These include the Video Player, DivX Web Player, Video Converter, DivX Media Server, Disc Burner, and the DivX Control Panel.

When you install DivX on your computer, it adds the ability to edit your videos at ease. And from then onwards, using the editing tools to enhance video quality, and inserting 3D musical effects to stimulate your video’s music is quite easy.

There are other features that help adjust and sharpen the sound-quality and voice. With DivX, you can create high-quality streaming videos and enjoy 4K video quality experience without causing your PC to lag. Over a period of time, DivX has incorporated a big amount of improvements that have helped improve program stability as well as performance.


Main Features of DivX Video Player

No Need to Download Codecs

One of the common problems associated with Windows Media Player is that it often fails to recognize and play some of the popular video/ music file formats. Luckily, that is not the case with DivX software. When you install DivX, it copies a set of codecs to the hard disk, which aid to recognize, decode and play popular file formats when you download media from the Internet.


Swift File Conversion without Compromising the Video Quality

DivX contains an in-house functionality to convert audio and videos to other popular file types. It reduces the size of each segment of the video during the file conversion activity without impacting the video’s quality at all.

DivX supports conversion of a range of file types including .divx, .mp4, .wmv, .mkv, .avi, .mkov and many others.


Support for Hardware Acceleration

DivX supports the Hardware Acceleration feature which enables faster rendering of large-sized video files. This also helps handle multiple videos at once without slowing down the computer.

Although hardware acceleration is not activated by default when you install DivX, you always have an option to manually activate it from the DivX Control Panel. However, be advised that this feature is not available in some computer systems.


Organize the Media in One Place

DivX keeps all the media files organized at one place. With a few simple clicks, you can organize any music or videos purchased online with the Digital Rights Management (DRM).


DivX Web Player

The company has released a free web-based version of DivX, known as the DivX Web Player. This player adds an extension to your web browsers to play and download Internet videos straight from your browser.

DivX adds an exception in the Windows Firewall so that you continue to enjoy uninterrupted streaming and Internet-related activities.


Program Compatibility

The Windows build of DivX supports Windows 10/ 8.1/ 7 while the Mac build supports all newer versions except Mac OS X 10.7 and older.

The company has only recently discontinued its support for Windows Vista and XP operating systems.


Cloud Integration

One fact that distinguishes DivX from other popular media players is its ability to import videos, music from your cloud accounts. Similarly, you can export media files to your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts straight from the main window.


Easy Media Transfer

DivX offers a hassle-free way to backup data to Blu-ray DVDs& CDs. DivX makes it easy and fun to transfer your media to smartphones and memory cards.

Use the Drag & Drop feature to convert and transfer your media to TVs, DVD players and gaming consoles.


Movie Subtitles

DivX can show movie subtitles in major world languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and many others.


Seamless Collaboration

Users can collaborate and privately send their media to other users using the DivX Media Server.


The Problem of Duplicate Songs & Videos in DivX Video Player

DivX does not contain in-house functionality to identify and remove any duplicate songs and videos. If you’re running out of disk space, a duplicate file scan can mean the world.

The easiest and safest way to take care of duplicate songs is to download Clone Files Checker:

This software is designed to weed out duplicate files with a perfect record. It is light on system resources and will accomplish the task within minutes. It searches identical media based on MD5 hashes, fuzzy-matching algorithm, file size, matching content, and file name criteria.


Clone Files Checker Features

What makes Clone Files Checker stand out is the modern-looking user interface on top of useful features. The interface is designed to minimize the hassle an average might have to go through, with the software doing the rest.

The interface is divided into three parts: Drives/ Folders Selection (left), Scan Customization (top)and Results Box (bottom). This helps keep the user in the loop during every single stage of the whole process, without cluttering the interface.


Find & Delete Duplicates Using Clone Files Checker

Step # 1: Drives/ Folders Selection

  1. Click on Add button on the left.
  2. You’ll be prompted to select a folder or drive of your choice. DivX music files are typically located in the following directory:
  • C:\Users\%username%\Music

Step # 2: Scan Customization

  1. Click the File Search tab under the Scan Mode.
  2. Select All Files, or choose the Custom option followed by Music and Videos to narrow down the scan time.
  3. Since large sized videos can take quite a lot of time, you may want to make good use of the File Size Filters.
  4. Use the Ignore files smaller than and Ignore files larger than checkboxes to specify values of your choice.
  5. Finally, click Start Search to launch the scan.


Step # 3: Results Screen

  1. After the scan is finished, you’ll be presented with the list of all the duplicates that have been detected in the shape of Groups. Each group comprises of the original DivX song as well as the corresponding duplicate versions.
  2. Click the Select Duplicates button and select Retain newest files in each group.
  3. CFC will now instantly mark all the remaining entries in each group for the next stage of the process.
  4. Now click on Select Action.
  5. Now you have to choose between permanently deleting the duplicates or moving them to a folder of your choice. Backing the duplicates to a new folder helps review them later on if required.


Clone Files Checker Scan Benefits

  • Regularly cleaning up duplicates will reclaim precious disk space
  • CFC provides a hassle-free approach to find duplicate documents, songs, images, videos and compressed files in no time
  • It uses authorized APIs to find & clean duplicate files from major cloud services
  • Your data privacy is guaranteed at all times. No files are stored on CFC’s server during the cloud-based scan procedure