Amazon Prime Songs Repeating Problem

Amazon Prime is your go-to app if you are a music lover and a reader as well.

It merges the two most famous apps of Amazon in itself, namely Kindle and Amazon Cloud. Whether you want to stream music or read a book, this app offers it all for an amazing price of $9.99. Amazon Prime enables you to choose from a huge collection of over 200 million songs, that you can stream both online and offline. The latest update also allows you to even stream videos.

Besides other features, another cool feature of Amazon Prime is that one can have combined membership with another member of the family living under the same roof. Along with this, you can simply stream music offline with Alexa.

Although Amazon has these amazing features, it suffers from some bugs as well. It has been reported by many users, specifically Android users, that Amazon Prime plays the same song over and over again. The reason behind this issue is that songs are streamed from their very own Amazon Cloud.

However, you don’t need to worry anymore. We have compiled a perfect guide to help you with this problem. It doesn’t matter whichever device you use between iOS, Android or PC. These solutions will work on all platforms.


Switch off Power Saving Mode

Amazon app utilizes a lot of background data and power on your phone. Hence, when you turn your phone on Power Saving mode, Amazon stops working properly and funnily enough, this results in the same song being played again and again. You can simply turn off the Power Saving mode to get rid of this irritating situation.

Stop Background Data

Another handy method is to uncheck the background data option in the Power Saving mode. You can use this option when you are confused if you should turn off the Power Saving mode or not. There are two ways to perform this action. First, you can do it manually by yourself. Second, you can simply tell Alexa to do it for you. Just say out the command Alexa turn off background data in Power Saving mode and it gets implemented in a second. This option will help you avoid the Power Saving mode and yet providing you interrupted entertainment.

Loop Off

You can also think about turning off the loop in your app. The ideal way is to simply ask Alexa to do the needful. You just have to say Alexa {song:name} loop off. As an example, Alexa, Hello feat Adele loop off.


If you want to skip a song for a single time, you can do so in a couple of ways. The first way is to simply touch the Skip option (a small right-sided triangle with a bar icon). Second, ask Alexa to do it for you. Simply say Alexa stop this song and it will stop the song and jump over to the next one.

Tired of a Particular Song

Got bored of a song? Don’t want to listen to it for a while. Simply say out Alexa, I don’t want to listen to this song. And here you are with the next song on the list.


Want to listen to a random song without following a playlist? You can easily do so in two ways. First, is to select the Shuffle option. The second method is to, again, turn towards Alexa. Say out Alexa shuffle music and it will shuffle the songs within a moment.

Update the App

However, these problems may persist even if you perform the above-mentioned methods. If this is the case indeed, it means the time has come to update the app. Just simply update Amazon Prime and it won’t play a certain song back to back.